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[Log] IC Chat Log

/msg i-hate-yellow Gabriel?

[21:19] i-hate-yellow: Yes?
[21:20] AuthorOutOfSpace: I was just wondering if that was you.
[21:21] i-hate-yellow: Why?
[21:22] AuthorOutOfSpace: Just wondering. Do you mind if I asked you a question though?
[21:22] i-hate-yellow: Go ahead.
[21:24] AuthorOutOfSpace: How did I end up in the Shop? What happened?
[21:24] i-hate-yellow: Ah.
[21:25] i-hate-yellow: I assume Soze gave you his story. Isn't that sufficient?
[21:26] AuthorOutOfSpace: He did. I don't know. I guess I just wanted to hear both sides.
[21:28] i-hate-yellow: I will warn you, then.
[21:29] AuthorOutOfSpace: Yes?
[21:29] i-hate-yellow: I do not know, even now, what the larger truth is, only that I did was I had to do.
[21:29] i-hate-yellow: Compelled. Forced? I'm not sure.
[21:29] AuthorOutOfSpace: You were compelled?
[21:31] i-hate-yellow: It is a very long story. But, for the sake of brevity, I will tell you what happened that evening you were taken.
[21:31] *** i-hate-yellow is now known as i-hate-yellow-afk.
[21:32] i-hate-yellow-afk: I am still here
[21:32] AuthorOutOfSpace: Okay.
[21:32] i-hate-yellow-afk: Because Soze was considered a threat to my family, for lack of a better word, I was instructed to kill him.
[21:33] i-hate-yellow-afk: I did not know you were going to be there. I apologize for what happened to you; wrong place, wrong time.
[21:34] AuthorOutOfSpace: Your family being the Shop? Or something else?
[21:34] i-hate-yellow-afk: Yes and no. It is complicated.
[21:35] i-hate-yellow-afk: My family, my...
[21:36] i-hate-yellow-afk: My family and I belonged to a mental web. And my ... I Have no word for him. He is the center, the spider. My friend. My
[21:36] i-hate-yellow-afk: He works for the Shop, and I through him. All of us through him. I am still trying to understand, myself. I was not shown many things the Shop did.
[21:37] AuthorOutOfSpace: I think I understand.
[21:38] AuthorOutOfSpace: Back when I was infected over the summer. It was like that. The whole town was part of a whole.
[21:38] i-hate-yellow-afk: Soze was considered a threat because he suspected something more existed than just myself. And I could not let that happen. Andre would not let that happen. And so he told me to kill him. And I of course tried to do just that. I would never deny him, he is my
[21:38] i-hate-yellow-afk: I don't know what he is anymore
[21:38] i-hate-yellow-afk: But he is my family.
[21:39] i-hate-yellow-afk: I remember, in the Flowerclock.
[21:39] AuthorOutOfSpace: Yes.
[21:40] i-hate-yellow-afk: We attacked each other. I cannot remember which one of us acted first.
[21:41] i-hate-yellow-afk: You appeared, and I believe Soze was startled, when he shot you. I had already been gravely wounded by that time, and I needed to get out. Andre told me to get out, I was more important to him. And he told me to bring you along to make sure Soze didn't finish me off.
[21:42] AuthorOutOfSpace: Soze shot me?
[21:43] i-hate-yellow-afk: I believe he didn't meant to as I know how close you are. But yes. I don't carry guns.
[21:45] AuthorOutOfSpace: He said it was a stray bullet. And that's how I ended up with Dr. Marco? As a potential hostage?
[21:46] i-hate-yellow-afk: Yes. I'm sorry. I would say I had no choice, but I'm not entirely sure what I was capable of choosing at that time.
[21:46] AuthorOutOfSpace: That's why you asked me about him the first night. You wanted to find him? Finish the job for Andre?
[21:47] i-hate-yellow-afk: Yes.
[21:48] AuthorOutOfSpace: But why did you come back? Why not finish the job when I escaped? I couldn't have stopped you. And Rassilon wouldn't have.
[21:49] i-hate-yellow-afk: I wasn't compelled. I didn't care. He wasn't important anymore.
[21:49] i-hate-yellow-afk: I just wanted to know if you were whole.
[21:50] AuthorOutOfSpace: I wasn't then. I am now, thanks to Ras.
[21:50] i-hate-yellow-afk: Good.
[21:50] AuthorOutOfSpace: So you don't work for them anymore.
[21:52] i-hate-yellow-afk: No. And I cannot live with my family anymore. I was dead. When you die, you break off from the web and you are lost. It happened before, when I couldn't remember. The webs kept my mind together. I think.
[21:53] AuthorOutOfSpace: I remember that. I remember him killing you. I'm sorry.
[21:54] i-hate-yellow-afk: Why? We were trying to kill each other. And you are not him.
[21:59] AuthorOutOfSpace: I thought I could help him go straight once. Back when our souls were still tangled up. He was sincere at the time. I tried, but he went back home as soon as he could. I keep wondering if maybe I'd done more he would have stayed.
[22:08] i-hate-yellow-afk: You cannot change anyone
[22:09] i-hate-yellow-afk: no, I think you can. but you have to be able to
[22:09] i-hate-yellow-afk: I don't want to think about that right now.
[22:09] AuthorOutOfSpace: Be able to what?
[22:09] AuthorOutOfSpace: Sorry never mind.
[22:10] i-hate-yellow-afk: I'm sorry. As I said, it is a veyr long story, and I'm not sure of the words myself.
[22:11] AuthorOutOfSpace: It's all right. And I think you're right anyway.
[22:11] AuthorOutOfSpace: I still can't give up though. Isn't that stupid?
[22:11] i-hate-yellow-afk: No.
[22:12] AuthorOutOfSpace: That's somewhat reassuring, I suppose.
[22:12] i-hate-yellow-afk: I still love my family. But I am not sure what they were doing was right. Or if I was wrong. Or if it matters.
[22:12] i-hate-yellow-afk: But I do know that you were kind to me, and I did not think harming you was right. And I apologize for not being able to do anything.
[22:13] *** i-hate-yellow is now known as Gabriel.
[22:15] Gabriel: Okay. Good.
[22:17] AuthorOutOfSpace: I have to go. But I'm glad we talked. Thanks.
[22:19] Gabriel: Okay. Good night.
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