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Jeff Levitt

Author out of Space

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Jeffrey Levitt (OC)

Description: Jeff is a fairly unassuming, ordinary human fast approaching middle age. He stands just over six feet tall and is thin as a rail, though it's hard to tell exactly how tall he is with his perpetual slouch. His hair is short but unruly, flecked generously with grey amidst the dark brown. His age shows most in his angular face, deeply lined around the mouth and eyes, which are an unremarkable brown. When he speaks, it is in a quiet tenor, his American accent holding a trace of a Midwestern drawl.

Jeff's one of those guys who found a look that worked for him and stuck with it. When he's at work or somewhere he needs to dress fairly nice, the look is a dark grey suit, with a black button-down shirt and dress shoes. He prefers not to wear a tie, but if he has to it's usually a fairly dark solid color.

He keeps the button-down shirt for casual wear, but trades in the suit for a pair of jeans and the dress shoes for a pair of sneakers.

Character Notes: Jeff was originally a completely normal, baseline human from an Earth basically identical to the "real world," specifically New York. Recently, however, due to several months of illegal experimentation, he is now a mutant with the ability to partially shapeshift into any species he's absorbed DNA from. He owns and lives in a castle located a short distance from the infamous Sign (long story), and makes his living as a horror writer. He's published one novel and a volume of short stories, and is currently working on his second full-length novel.


Jeff can absorb DNA from non-human species and manifest these species' abilities via partial shapeshifting. A ridiculous amount of further information on his powers can be found here.

Jeff's mind is shielded, thanks to Kaa, and cannot be telepathically affected or controlled without his consent. With his shields fully in place, his mind cannot be sensed at all. He normally keeps his shields low enough to "hear" telepathic communication, and allow psychics to sense his emotional state. These shields can't be taken down with brute force, but can be bypassed.


Art by yumegari.

Jeffrey Levitt is a fictional character for the roleplaying community dear_multiverse

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