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[Log] The Shop Talk

Rassilon: *Somewhere on the station there is a room. It's pretty bare, as far as rooms go, save for the conference table of the style that profligates thoughout the multiverse as a sort of Conference Table Constant. One can't vary much on the theme of 'oblong and surrounded by chairs,' after all. The only other decoration in the room is the people in it, any one of whom might count as decoration individually.*
* `Lita is draped rather impressively in one of the chairs. She agreed to this, either for the entertainment value or actually caring (..or some combination of both) makes it difficult to say why. She has one of her pipes between her fingers, faintly yellow tinted smoke drifting about her and smelling sweet.
* `Lita is, incidentally, wearing a deep blue kimono with flowery designs on it in a dark silver.
* Jeff_Levitt is here, and would have been the first to arrive had it not been for Rassilon's ability with Time. He sits next to Rassilon, elbows resting on the table and fingers drumming nervously. His hair is growing back nicely, though it's still extremely short by his standards. He's dressed in his usual style of black button down shirt and dark blue jeans, though anyone looking under the table may notice that he's picked up Rassilon's habit of walking around barefoot.
* MrGrey is here, more or less dressed but obviously having just gotten up for the morning. He has a pair of rumpled silken gold-coloured pants (he'd just pulled on--good timing, Rassilon) that are obviously not his own, and nothing else. His body is more or less battle-scarred by his days with the Shop, and the burn scars on the left side of his neck all the way down to his left nipple stand out against pale skin. "Buh?"
Soze: The last time Keyser Soze found himself suddenly somewhere else was Flowerclock (and before that, Battle Royale), and so he isn't happy to suddenly be -here- instead of back home in his five-star hotel room, where he can see the Eiffel Tower from his window. He surveys the room quickly, noting the people. The conference table. He doesn't say a word.
* Jeff_Levitt flushes seeing Grey's state of dress or lack thereof, and the fact that Keyser is clearly Not Happy. "Um. Hi," he says quietly.
Soze: "What's this?" He thinks he has an idea.
`Lita: "Hello." She blows a smoke ring above herself, shifting a little in the chair and smoothing out the kimono with one hand.
* MrGrey doesn't know /what/ to think of all of this, except that a certain pile of grotty rugs has brought them all here. He sits down in one of the chairs and doesn't say a word.
Rassilon: "I suppose you're wondering why I brought you all here." *There's a pause. It stretched uncomfortably long as his mun tries to remember why, indeed, they're all here.*
* Soze doesn't sit down.
* `Lita is draped impressively enough for three people. No worries there.
* MrGrey just scowls. No shit, he'd like to know. He has other things to do, like not being here for one.
* Rassilon 's mun remembers, now.* "Right, well, I shall tell you,. because unlike the rest of the multiverse, I'm forthright with my information. I want to know what has happened over the last several months. You lot, with the exception of Miss Bastion, here, were all involved. So here we all are, myself and the sources of the information I want. I want to know everything."
* `Lita gives a little cheery wave with her free hand when her name's mentioned, though.
* Jeff_Levitt fidgets. "Well already know what happened as far as I know, Ras."
* Soze has heard that one before. Hee hee. He cracks a smile for a second (only a second) before looking from Grey to Rassilon. He doesn't look at Jeff. "You could've just sent a letter."
* MrGrey decides to stare at Soze.
* Soze raises his eyebrows at Grey. Yes?
* `Lita watches this back and forth thoughtfully.
MrGrey: "Which part would you like to know about, Lord?" The last word has just a touch of sarcasm.
Rassilon: "Which would have been assiduously ignored. I know you lot. No-one's leaving this room. I want to know how Jeff ended up where he did and how he miraculously reappeared." *He ignores the sarcasm.*
Rassilon: "For a start."
* `Lita pulls a small stand out of her sleeve, setting it on the table to set her pipe in while she pulls something else out of her sleeve, and a calligraphy brush. ...What on earth do these two items have in common? Because the other one's a simple newspaper.
MrGrey: "Who's /version/ would you like first... Lord?"
* Jeff_Levitt looks uncomfortable as he looks between Grey and Soze. He flinches slightly at Grey's emphasis.
* `Lita casually rolls the newspaper up, seeming to only half pay attention to the conversation. She winds a rubber-band around it as well to keep it as a bundle.
* Rassilon looks at Grey the way a mongoose looks at a cobra.* "You spoke up. Yours first, then."
* MrGrey doesn't balk. He remembers how Rassilon first hid from him when he made sure Jeff was first safe. That's a memory he'll treasure forever. "All right."
MrGrey: "I was compelled by forces I could not refuse to kill Mr. Soze. I failed... and I was given orders to bring Mr. Levitt back, to make sure I would live. His wounds were treated, as far as I knew, by my employers. I did not know about what had happened to him until later."
Jeff_Levitt: "...a hostage."
Soze: "Assiduously," he echoes quietly (smiling), resting a hand on the back of a chair. He listens to Grey. All right. Okay. This is going to turn out into a good old Rashamon session, huh?
MrGrey: The corner of his mouth twitches down just slightly. "Yes."
* Jeff_Levitt 's tone is flat, but not angry.
* `Lita simply lets the newspaper and brush rest on her stomach, given the way she's laying in the chair. She plucks the pipe off of the little stand and takes another drag. Giving no outward comment, but glancing to all assembled, taking in their reactions.
* Rassilon flicks his gaze to Soze.
Jeff_Levitt: "So why give me to Marco?"
Rassilon: *And back to Grey.*
MrGrey: "I do not know. That was not my choice, but my employers'."
Soze: "May I ask questions?" he asks, with all the politeness of a choir boy.
* Jeff_Levitt presses his lips together, but nods to Grey. "...all right."
* Rassilon closes his eyes. Counts to ... some number or other.* "Yes."
Soze: "What do you mean, 'forces you could not refuse?'"
* MrGrey twitches. It's still kneejerk reaction not to say a word. "I... had other forces involved that were impossible to refuse." What was so hard about that?
* Soze can be patient. "Who?"
`Lita: "I believe Mister Soze wishes you to specify a bit further, Mister Grey." She blows a smoke ring upward again.
Soze: "I mean, if someone wants to kill me, it's only fair I know."
* Jeff_Levitt 's eyes continue to flit back and forth between Gabriel and Soze, but he remains silent.
* MrGrey looks like a caged animal, of a sudden. Every fibre of his being is pulling him back from this, but there isn't anything /truly/ stopping him. Old habits and mental cages are hard to break free of. "I ... Andre said to do it. And I had to do it." His fingers drum on the table.
Soze: "Who is Andre?"
Jeff_Levitt: "You told me about him," Jeff says gently. "He was the one inside your mind."
* Jeff_Levitt looks at Soze. "Like what happened to us last summer."
Rassilon: "Hmmmm. And presumably not terribly different to the other one."
* `Lita quirks an eyebrow. -Very- interesting...
MrGrey: "Andre. And Allen, and Alistair... Danielle..." He swallows. "They are.--were my family, and I wouldn't betray them."
* Soze closes his eyes at Jeff's words. No, he remembers how it felt, having something else-- "But they're gone now."
Rassilon: "Another psionic web."
* Jeff_Levitt looks at Rassilon and nods.
* MrGrey frowns. This isn't what he wants to talk about now. Or ever. He won't.
Soze: "Are they gone, Mr. Grey?"
* MrGrey will NOT talk about this. NOT NOW. NOT EVER.
Jeff_Levitt: "...Gabriel?"
Rassilon: *drily* "Apparently he doesn't wish to speak of the subject."
* MrGrey is /glaring/ at the wall. If the table wasn't made of Super Duper Time Lord Stuff, it might have cracked.
Rassilon: "Not now, not ever."
Soze: "Oh, well, that's why you all locked us in a room, Rassilon. So we could talk."
MrGrey: "I did it because it was what had to happen. And Jeff needed medical attention, as Mr. Soze had shot him." There. Quit pushing him.
* `Lita ....turns her lidded gaze to Soze. '-Did- you now', her expression says without words.
* Jeff_Levitt closes his eyes. He'd heard this part before, but somehow in person it's worse.
MrGrey: "It ... I wasn't sure if his injuries were grave, but mine were. I was ordered... nnnh... I had to go home."
Soze: "I misfired my weapon," he says, as neutral as he can (though it's getting hard). "You're changing the subject."
MrGrey: "I thought the subject was Jeff and what happened." Feeling better, the heat's not directly on HIM right now.
Jeff_Levitt: "That's a bit different from what you told me," he says quietly.
Jeff_Levitt: "I don't remember. I left the Keep, and woke up tied to a hospital bed with Dr. Marco telling me I'd been shot."
* Soze 's expression softens, turning to Jeff. "I'm sorry, I-- I didn't want you to panic, okay? I was going to tell you the truth. He was strangling me. I had a fucking hole in my stomach. I mean, if any of you want to try to aiming a weapon like that..."
* MrGrey continues to stare at that spot on the wall.
* MrGrey is very quiet. "He didn't do it on purpose. I know you're close. I don't think he did it on purpose."
Jeff_Levitt: "When? When were you going to tell me the truth? You've been avoiding me for the last month. Yeah, my brain was *screwed up* when I came back but I'm not an *invalid.*"
* Soze looks furious, actually, that Grey's telling the truth. Oh sure, Gabriel, make yourself out to be the hero. You're the good guy. He's considerably more calm when he talks to Jeff, but the edge is -there.- "I haven't been ignoring you. I'm taking time off from the Nexus, like I -said- I would."
Jeff_Levitt: "Then how about telling me the truth when you are here?" he snaps. "Look, the last thing I need right now is people *protecting* me from it. I need to know what happened, so I can figure out what the fuck I'm going to *do* about it!"
* Jeff_Levitt takes a deep breath and counts to ten.
* Gabriel just keeps tapping the tabletop. He's not exactly paying attention to the banter right now. He's concentrating more on Not Thinking About That.
* `Lita listens calmly, taking another drag on her pipe, eyes closed.
Soze: "Then I -shot- you," he says, meeting Jeff's eyes-- a hard stare. "Okay?"
Rassilon: "Good. We've cleared that up. Now, how are you getting into his mind, since you're having this unaccustomed rash of honesty?"
* Jeff_Levitt flinches and lowers his gaze to the table, the fight draining out of him. "...okay."
* Soze pulls his eyes away from Jeff, not focusing on anyone, really. It takes him a while to find his words.
Soze: "I'm not ready to say."
* MrGrey isn't the only one who is balking! Hooray!
MrGrey: "There is only... one way to know if we are being truthful." And hell if he wanted to do it, but if it meant Soze had to as well, then maybe.
* Jeff_Levitt looks at Grey, eyes going wide, then at Soze. Oh man.
* `Lita ....raises an eyebrow.
* MrGrey stops tapping, to show that his hands aren't shaking. Presses his palms to the surface of the table.
Soze: "No."
Rassilon: "Truthful... and forthright. No more hiding. No more 'I don't want to talk about it,' no more 'I'm not ready to say.' This is a serious discussion, not an episode of an Earth television drama, where we wait breathlessly to find out next time, because I'm afraid there isn't going to /be/ a next time."
* MrGrey breathes deeply, hating himself already for having suggested it [but part of him is wanting it, needing it, I want the truth, too, damnit!]
* Jeff_Levitt gives Soze a pleading look, but is otherwise quiet.
Soze: "I'm sorry, Rassilon. Jeff." He isn't giving in.
MrGrey: Voice very, very low. "Coward."
* Soze stiffens. He's better than this.
* Jeff_Levitt pinches the bridge of his nose. "I need to know what's going on, Keyser."
* MrGrey is silent. Dead fucking silent. He's not shaking anymore. He's just staring at that point on the wall, hands pressed to the table.
* Rassilon is waiting with all the patience of an impending avalanche. It's there. It'll fall on you. It's just a question of /when./*
Soze: "I can't. Jeff, if you knew what this meant... --it's nothing dangerous. It's a gift. It was a gift."
* `Lita is silent as well, smoking quietly and observing.
Jeff_Levitt: "Maybe you could explain what this meant."
`Lita: ....
* MrGrey listens. Gift? What gift? It's something to focus on.
Soze: "The ability only belongs to me. It's mine. It-- it got you out of the place he took you to. It jumpstarted your mind when you needed it." He almost sounds like he's pleading.
* Rassilon is going to squish you, Soze, if you say it's precious to you.*
* Jeff_Levitt 's eyebrows start to climb into his hairline. He looks a bit alarmed. "But what *is* it? A gift from *who?*"
* `Lita narrows her eyes, starting to frown.
* MrGrey twitches again. Gift? Jumpstart? WHAT?
Soze: "No one." He lies as fluently as ever, but he is afraid-- afraid he'll be seen through, afraid they'll take it from him. "It's something I have control over." Calmer. "I have -control-, Jeff. There's nothing to worry about. I'm on your side."
Jeff_Levitt: "If there's nothing to worry about then you can tell me," he says, keeping his voice calm. "If you didn't know where it was from you wouldn't have accepted it, Keyser. Who gave it to you?"
`Lita: "...-Control-? You're being -evasive- Keyser Soze. -Tell- them who you got it from." She stares at him hard, frowning. Oh. She /knows/. And she is -not- happy with this knowledge.
* Rassilon /stares/ at Soze, now. It's not a pleasant stare. It's the kind of stare that nails one's soul to the wall and throws darts at it.*
* MrGrey wonders if he could sneak out now. Even gets so far as to start feeling around the walls with thin bits of teke for cracks.
Rassilon: *Nope. No cracks in a perfect sphere.*
* Soze crumbles a bit, though it's mostly an act. He's still surprised by how hard his heart is pounding. "Please," he says. "Please, just-- I need to get back home."
Rassilon: "Certainly. Tell us, and then you can leave."
`Lita: "You -need- to -tell- them." Her staring is unwavering as well.
Jeff_Levitt: "Keyser, *please.*"
Soze: "I don't see why it matters," he says, practically a whisper.
`Lita: "You know damn -well- why it matters."
* Soze buries his face in his hands. "I want to strike a deal."
Jeff_Levitt: "*what?*"
Rassilon: "... A /deal?/"
* MrGrey spirfles. It's the first noise he's made in several minutes.
MrGrey: "You don't make /deals/ with /gods/. They make /deals/ out of /you/." And damnit, he can't get out.
* Jeff_Levitt gives Grey a strange look. He's really not used to thinking of Rassilon that way.
Soze: "You can make deals with anything," he mutters, raising his eyes. He looks from Jeff to Rassilon. "I can tell you what it is-- who gave it to be. I can even show it to you."
Jeff_Levitt: "...well?"
* Jeff_Levitt is growing increasingly agitated.
* MrGrey giggles again. Who would believe Soze? Then again, who would believe Grey himself? Shut up, shut up.
Soze: "But it can't leave my hands." He takes a breath. "Or Jeff's. It cannot leave -us-, because I'm afraid of what that might mean. The same goes for destroying it."
* Rassilon looks at 'Lita, then Jeff.*
`Lita: "And what do you -get- out of this deal, Keyser Soze?" She's been wheeling and dealing for damn near all time, man.
* Jeff_Levitt rubs his face with both hands. "Fine. *Fine.* But you need to tell us everything. *Including* what you're afraid it might mean. Christ, are you listening to yourself?"
* MrGrey tries to be a speck on the wall. Yes, forget about him. The whole thing was a mistake, and he'll leave out of this, and be back with Flavius and maybe even find someone to consume and then they'll be warm and it won't matter, will it? This isn't even happening, not really. Just hush.
Soze: "That is the deal. Does everyone agree?"
* MrGrey looks at Soze.
MrGrey: "Sure." He draws this out very carefully.
* `Lita glances to Rassilon and Jeff. Do they?
* Jeff_Levitt nods, rubbing his temples.
* `Lita glances to Rassilon. And you, Time Lord?
* Rassilon fixews Soze with a hard stare, eyes glowing.* "I'm afraid there is where you are wrong, Keyser Soze. You cannot make deals with anyone. You cannot make them with me. The others may have capitualted, but I see no need to do so. I shall have the information we need." *A statement of fundamental, unshakeable fact. His mind snaps out to grasp Soze's, to force him to physically reveal whatever this object is.*
* `Lita gives a disapproving sound, shifting back in her seat, closing her eyes and taking a long and decidedly irritated drag off of her pipe.
* MrGrey sinks down into the chair he's sitting in--easy because he's wearing silk--and watches. A small part of him cherishes this moment, but most of him is very, very uncomfortable.
* Jeff_Levitt stands up and reaches for Rassilon's arm. "Ras, *no,*" he pleads.
* Soze starts reaching down for leg-- not even thinking-- before he chokes a -scream,- his legs buckling and then locking up. He drops to the ground, shuddering and convulsing, cursing under his breath until he wills himself to stay silent. Endure. There's something he needs to -do-, something that's pulling his mind, but he won't, he won't, he absolutely won't-- he'll lose it all, he can't--
* `Lita doesn't watch.
* MrGrey wants to crawl somewhere else. That sound, even /Soze/, it doesn't matter, it's just not right--
* Soze needs control. This is not control. Please. Please.
Rassilon: *For someone who has all the time in the universes, it's amazing how impatient he can get. He tightens the mental strings. Sorry, Soze. You're a passenger in your own body, now. No more dramatics. Calmly show us what this is and then /tell/ us what it is. This is plenty of control. It's simply not yours.*
* Rassilon 's face is lined with grim concentration.*
Jeff_Levitt: "*Keyser!*" Jeff loses his own control, his features warping and becoming ratlike. He takes a half-step towards Soze, then stops, uncertain, looking back and forth between the two of them, an anguished look on his face. "Don't...please..."
* MrGrey makes himself watch. It's horrible, but he watches. From the outside, he looks hollow.
* `Lita 's holding the pipe between two fingers, not watching. Altalita isn't permitted to step in on this at all. Her head is turned down, eyes closed, faint yellow smoke billowing up away from the pipe.
Rassilon: "Don't run away, Jeff. You must listen." *His voice is far away, preceded by its own echo.*
* Soze goes entirely limp before slowly-- very slowly-- sitting up. His eyes aren't focused but it doesn't matter-- they don't need to be.
* Soze reaches down to his shoe, opening a small pocket on the back of it. He takes out the 'gift,' now-- a small, black amulet of a two-headed dog.
* Jeff_Levitt answers only with a whine at the back of his throat. His ears are flat against his skull and his fur is standing on end in agitation. "What is it?"
* `Lita 's lips thin, expression darkening. Whatever it is, it's clear the Mistress of Fate present -disapproves- of this.
Rassilon: *Still fore-echoing* "Tell him. Tell him what it is. Who gave it to you. And why you feel you must keep it."
* MrGrey twitches when he sees it. He can feel the power in it, but it isn't dangerous, not to him. This doesn't make him feel any better.
* Jeff_Levitt stares at Soze wide-eyed and shaking. His hands convulsively run over each other, like well...a rat grooming itself.
Soze: "It lets me live like you," he says, turning to Jeff, but his eyes don't see him. "Balthazar gave it to me in his will. He said I needed empathy. It's empathy." Softer. "I need it."
`Lita: "-Balthazar-." She spits the name out like a curse. "-Balthazar- gave you that."
Jeff_Levitt: "Balthazar? Th-the *demon?*"
* MrGrey jumps back, nearly knocking his chair over. The name itself makes him feel physically ill.
Rassilon: "Apparently, yes."
`Lita: "-In-deed. The -demon-."
* Jeff_Levitt looks at Soze, eyes very wide. "Are you *insane?*" he squeaks.
MrGrey: "He... made a deal with a devil. Stupid, stupid little flatscan," he says, hollowly.
* Soze sways where he sits. "It was the right choice."
Jeff_Levitt: "It came from a *demon,* Keyser!" Jeff protests shrilly. "Do you really think there won't be a catch? Demons don't just *give* things to people."
Soze: "It was the right choice," he echoes.
MrGrey: Low. "I doubt you make very many 'right' choices, coward."
* `Lita pinches the bridge of her nose.
* MrGrey has no idea about choices. He hasn't made many of his own in years.
* Soze sits there quietly, eyes distant. He holds the amulet loosely in a fist.
* Jeff_Levitt is trying very hard not to gnaw on the table in agitation. "What's the catch, Keyser? Nothing's free."
Soze: "Don't know," he murmurs. "It was worth it."
`Lita: "...You don't -know-?!"
Soze: "Don't know... don't know... please." He closes his eyes.
Rassilon: "You have to have been very desperate, indeed, to have accepted something without knowing what the 'catch' was." *He looks to see if Soze is really telling the truth. Lying comes as easily as breathing to this man. One cannot be too careful.*
* Jeff_Levitt looks pained and drops his gaze.
* Soze tells the truth-- he has no other option now, really. He didn't want to accept the gift. He just did. This is how these things work.
Rassilon: "An unwanted 'gift' that you're now stuck with. Hmmm."
Jeff_Levitt: "Why'd you use it? You had to have known..."
MrGrey: "They're very close."
Soze: "It saved you. It felt-- right. I want it. Please, don't take it. Please."
Soze: "I'm afraid of what I would do." He says this as blankly as everything else.
* Jeff_Levitt 's jaw drops. "You...You...for..." He sits back down in his chair, heavily and puts his head in his hands.
Rassilon: "'Felt right?'"
Soze: "Please wake me up, Rassilon."
* `Lita frowns.
Rassilon: "I will know if you try to use that thing again. And if you do, it will go very badly for you." *Somehow, with that fore-echoing voice, it doesn't sound like a threat or a promise or a prediction. It sounds like a statement of the patently and painfully inevitable.*
* Jeff_Levitt doesn't look up. "He answered your questions, Ras. Please let him go."
* Soze doesn't saying anything to Rassilon's statement-- only a muted, dull "okay." This doesn't mean anything.
* Rassilon cuts the strings. All right, then.*
* Soze blinks once, twice, and then proceeds to keel over. Whoops.
MrGrey: "Speaking of trinkets..." he says, his voice like hollow rust, "what did you do with my mother's rosary?"
* Jeff_Levitt 's head snaps up when Soze's body falls, and he's at the other man's side in a flash. He doesn't even bother going around the table, he just jumps on top, skitters over on all fours and jumps down again. He checks to make sure Soze's okay.
Rassilon: *sighhh*
* MrGrey tilts his head. "Oh well. Can we leave now?"
* Soze is unconscious, but he has breathing and a heartbeat and everything that matters. His hand loosens around the amulet, and it goes clink onto the ground next to him.
* MrGrey has succeeded in dividing his Not Thinking That part and his Now parts of his brain.
Jeff_Levitt: [Oh God...oh God...this is all my fault. This is all my fault.] Once he's assures himself that Keyser is all right, his eyes drift to the amulet. Hesitantly, he picks it up.
MrGrey: "I wouldn't touch that if I were youuu." Hollow, singsong voice. Yup, he's in The Zone.
Rassilon: "Keep that thing, Jeff. I'd trust you with it more than I'd trust him."
`Lita: "And be extraordinarily -careful- with it."
* Jeff_Levitt nervously pockets it. "...okay. Um...he's breathing, for the record."
Rassilon: "Of course he is."
Jeff_Levitt: "Right...right...sorry. I just...sorry."
* MrGrey chuckles again. The Zone is a nice place to be. Thinking just doesn't really happen. Too bad he can't have a druggie-brain cocktail and a layabout with Flavius, it would be perfect. "Can we go now? That you know, this has been figured out?"
* Jeff_Levitt glances down at himself. He squeezes his eyes shut, concentrating, and the fur and animal features disappear. When he opens his eyes again, he looks drained.
* `Lita puts the newspaper and brush away, neither are needed, now, and the pipe and stand next.
* Jeff_Levitt sits down again, near where Keyser fell. "You still haven't explained who this 'Andre' is."
* Rassilon flicks his gaze to Grey.* "Andre Zeller, by any chance?"
* Jeff_Levitt looks at Rassilon questioningly.
MrGrey: "Yes." Quietly. "Don't hurt him. Please." There is something more there, but it's not a threat.
* `Lita glances to the others, leaning back in her chair in a sort of boneless drape, again.
Rassilon: "I should... but I will not."
* MrGrey was even quieter. "Thank you."
* Jeff_Levitt visibly relaxes.
* Rassilon blinks several times, his eyes changing colour as he does so. He'd rather foolishly snuck past the yellow to see if Grey was being honest....*
Jeff_Levitt: "Who's Andre Zeller?"
Rassilon: "... the spider in the web...."
* MrGrey feels a bit of an itch, but nothing else. This is a mind that is accustomed to another's touch, deep and firm and permanent. Everything is there, though, behind doors inexpertly locked. That too, Zeller had done in the past. He is being honest, though, about everything. It can be read like an ebook.
* `Lita watches this through lidded eyes, no comment aloud, for the moment.
Rassilon: "...the puppetmaster...."
Jeff_Levitt: " worm..."
Rassilon: "No. This is different. Deliberate."
Rassilon: "And yet ... not quite...."
MrGrey: Fragmental memories of darkness and pain, a mind slowly and completely broken. Then the threads, slipping in and taking hold. Coaxing. Pulling the mind together again, but with it a price. The voice, not Grey's but the others, echoes. You are mine.
* Jeff_Levitt shakes his head and hugs himself, forcing the memories away. He looks down at Soze, then back at Grey.
* Soze understands why you like the red worm, Jeff. :(
* MrGrey for the record, is relaxed, nearly sprawling, in the chair. This feels like home, in a way, someone in his mental hallways. He looks like a man in a stupor, or someone with a brain injury.
Rassilon: *dazedly, eyes flickering with green light swallowed by black.* "... needles and thread... puppet strings ... web strings... going through and pulling together and binding with no way to move. No-where to go."
Jeff_Levitt: " for your neighbor..." Jeff mumbles, almost inaudible.
* `Lita nngh. Altalita makes a face at what Jeff mumbles. Recalling the Power those Words had at a different time.
MrGrey: And then there is the confrontation between he and Soze, the words exchanged, orders carried out, and Jeff in the crossfire. A wound he should have died from, instead a healer [another one, another mind, another thread] healing his destroyed liver. And where was Jeff? There was guilt, but it was pushed away. Just the job. May I have another. The threat of Soze's revealing the Shop to the nexus, track him down and finish the job, only Soze was victorious. And after the darkness, the yellow...
Rassilon: *fore-echoing* "No choice. No freedom. No escape ..." *He blinks, suddenly more lucid and far too calm.* "Soze was going to reveal this Shop to the Nexus, it seems. Grey was sent to kill him, and was killed instead. And then was resurrected." *He very, very slowly falls over.*
* Jeff_Levitt yelps and runs to catch him.
* MrGrey is completely boneless now, lulled into a disturbing sort of trance, close to sleep.
* Rassilon is tiny. He can be caught. He doesn't look well at all.*
`Lita: --!
* `Lita shifts to get up, but Jeff's already got him.
Jeff_Levitt: "Ras? *Ras?* Are you okay?" ...and he's ratty again. Stupid, *stupid* panic reactions.
Rassilon: "Mmmngh."
* `Lita -does- get up now, moving to place a hand on Jeff's shoulder.
Jeff_Levitt: "Is there anything I can do?" Aaaaaaa. Aaaaaaaa!
Rassilon: *mrgls* "Help me up a bit. They're both going home--we've finished here...."
`Lita: "Mm. Interesting evening." She murmurs, shifting to help Jeff with Rassilon, and glancing to Grey and Soze.
* Jeff_Levitt gets Rassilon's arm around his shoulder and helps him up. "They're going to be okay, right?"
Rassilon: "'S far as I know. It's out of my hands once they leave here."
* Soze doesn't make a fuss when he wakes up. He doesn't groan or roll over or otherwise draw attention to himself. He just opens his eyes, forehead resting against the ground. Where was he again? Oh.
Rassilon: "I'll just... put them right back where I found them."
* Jeff_Levitt frowns. "We should wait until they wake up then. Make sure."
* MrGrey might be drooling. But his head finally lolls, and his eyes open. One is blue, the other gold, the pupils different sizes.
MrGrey: "Home now...yes?"
* Jeff_Levitt looks at Grey while he helps Rassilon sit down again and gyaah, that's creepy. "Are you all right?"
Rassilon: "They /are/ awake."
* `Lita helps Jeff as well. "So it seems."
* Soze ...knows the amulet isn't with him. Who has it? Christ, who has it?
Jeff_Levitt: "But Keyser's still...Oh." He sees Keyser has is eyes open now. "Are you okay?"
* MrGrey smiles like a drunk. "No. But someday, yes." He pulls himself up again, not sprawling. "Y'ol pile of rugs, you get what you want?" No sarcasm.
Rassilon: "No, but I got what I needed."
Jeff_Levitt: "Jesus *Christ.* You people..."
* Soze finally raises his head, easing back onto his knees again. Luckily, he had collapsed while he was still sitting down-- his body is sore enough from the convulsions. He nods silently, and then searches Jeff's eyes for the answer. Does he know? Does he have it?
MrGrey: "Watchit, or I'll sing." He gets up, NOT stumbling, you didn't see that, and hitches his god-i-hate-yellow silken trousers.
Rassilon: *wearily* "Jeff has your Precious, Soze. It is safe."
Jeff_Levitt: "I'm going to be worried sick all day."
Soze: "I'm okay," he says, voice raw, relaxing with Rassilon's words but otherwise refusing to acknowledge them. He looks as close to hell as he ever will, what with his pale skin. His eyes are a little bloodshot.
* Jeff_Levitt looks at Soze guiltily and nods.
* Soze glances over at Grey.
* MrGrey leans over, coughs like he's going to throw up, but doesn't. Wipes his mouth on the back of his hand. He doesn't look too fantastic, but he'll live. "'s there a breakfast buffet, or what?"
Jeff_Levitt: "I could make breakfast..."
Rassilon: "They're going home."
* MrGrey was joking. He'd rather go home.
* Soze buries his head in his hands again.
Jeff_Levitt: "I worry and I cook. It's what I'm *good* at so that's what I'm going to do."
* `Lita drops into a chair nearby Rassilon and Jeff. Oi.
* Jeff_Levitt 's ears flatten and he looks around at everyone in the room. They are not okay and he doesn't know how to help them.
Soze: "Did you say you're done?"
Jeff_Levitt: "If you both are okay to go home, yes."
MrGrey: "Huh?" Was that little prick talking to him?
Rassilon: "... Right. Good day, both of you." *bip*
* MrGrey disappears.
* Jeff_Levitt sits back down with a quiet *whumph.*
`Lita: "Well." Altalita says after they're gone. "That was informative."
* Jeff_Levitt leans forward until his chin is resting on the table. "I feel like this is all my fault."
Rassilon: "I should hope it was informative and ... oh, /Void,/ Jeff, none of this is in any way your fault."
Jeff_Levitt: "He only used that thing to get me out. Now it's doing something to him."
Rassilon: "He could just as easily put it away again after the first time. He let himself get into that mess, not you."
Jeff_Levitt: "Even the second time he thought he was helping."
* `Lita rolls her eyes, "Jeff, it's -not- your fault."
Rassilon: "He made his bed, he's lying in it."
* Jeff_Levitt just makes a frustrated noise. "I don't know. I suppose this whole thing bugs me because there's just purpose behind it all. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time and that's all."
Rassilon: "It happens that way, sometimes."
* Jeff_Levitt stands up. "You know what I'm going to do? I am going to make breakfast."
`Lita: "..After all of ~that~..."
`Lita: "That sounds ~wonderful~"
Jeff_Levitt: "And I will make coffee, and put vodka in it."
`Lita: "I'll skip the coffee." She pulls a bottle of alchohol out of her sleeve and sets it triumphantly on the table with a sage nod to go with it.
* Rassilon mrbls something about trying food but not trusting his insides very much. Tricky insides.*
Jeff_Levitt: "Good. Your insides will give me something *different* to worry about for once." He goes to help Ras up.
* `Lita chuckles, standing as well, grabbing her bottle of drink and discreetly moving to assist in the Rassilon Endevor.
* Rassilon will be carried off to be fed and other things. aaawwrh.
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